Monday, May 7, 2012

A Webby Web Tour OR Children's Book Week Is Duck Sock Hop Week!

It seems auspicious that Duck Sock Hop launches during Children's Book Week. And this week the ducks are on the move.

On May 1st (a little before this week, okay) we visited the blog Pajama Mommy, where I talk about connecting with kids' books by talking with children's booksellers and even children's authors.

On May 6th we visited Seven Impossible Things along with Duck Sock Hop illustrator Jane Porter, who reveals how she created the ducks. She uses a stick for the ink lines! I happen to love dipping sticks in ink for drawing, so this makes me so happy. She also reveals what kind of ducks the Duck Sock Hop ducks are. I need to look them up now, so I can see photos.  There's lots of art work from the book, for a great sneak peek.

On May 7th (today!) we are visiting children's writer Amitha Knight on her blog Monkey Poop: A Literary Weblog of Unparalleled Eloquence, where I count down all my other favorite duck books. Amitha also has a signed copy of Duck Sock Hop to give away!

On May 10th (Duck Sock Hop launch day!) we will be hanging out with children's author Audrey Vernick at Literary Friendships, where Jane Porter and I talk about how Duck Sock Hop came to be. Audrey, too, will be giving away a signed copy of the book.

On May 12th we'll be heading over to 5 Minutes for Books, where I talk about how working as a children's bookseller helped me on my path to becoming a published picture book author.

And on dates TBA we will be dancing over to the blogs of writer Peter Adam Solomon and the fabulous Jane Porter!

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